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android-wallpaperAndroid: How to Send Request (POST) to the Server (Full Application)


Like I said before I am new to Android and I don’t hide it but I’ve started to like it so far. And now I’d like to show you an application which enables sending data to the servers remotely. Before I give you the code, just look at the screens how it looks.
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android-wallpaperBeginning Working With Android

Hi there,

A couple days ago I decided to improve my programming skills by learning something new. And that thing is android. It’s a very powerful tool and I can say it for using it only for couple days. For me as a programmer beginning was easy. All variables, classes, constructions etc. are almost the same, of course Java is more powerful than PHP is but even though I can handle it : )

In next note I will put some code which may be interested for you. See you!