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android-wallpaperBeginning Working With Android

Hi there,

A couple days ago I decided to improve my programming skills by learning something new. And that thing is android. It’s a very powerful tool and I can say it for using it only for couple days. For me as a programmer beginning was easy. All variables, classes, constructions etc. are almost the same, of course Java is more powerful than PHP is but even though I can handle it : )

In next note I will put some code which may be interested for you. See you!


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  1. Do simple websites like blogs need to be adjusted or re-programmed from traditional PC formats to mobile devices? I’m not a programmer.

    • Hi,

      Not all of them required to be re-programmed. Basically, a lot of people have smartphones, palmtops, tablets etc. Those devices don’t require for websites that would be re-programmed because their software supports XHTML (you can simply show almost every webpage using scrolling / moving).

      However if you want to be ensure that website / your blog is display correctly in almost all mobile devices you should think about creating website in that way which allows users to show webpage correctly. And that is more complicated because programmer has to spend some time to work on it.

      Thanks for your comment :)


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