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Month: September, 2011

prestashop-logoGetting Cart From Prestashop

If you have a problem with getting cart from prestashop that would be interesting for you.

I had a huge problem with Prestashop (version 1.4.3) because I didn’t know how exactly I should get cart from Prestashop to the WordPress or somewhere else. However I spent some time to resolve that issue and I wrote that:

First of all we should get session data from Pretashop:

As you see you should add some lines from Prestashop configuration and then you should create a function in which you have cart ID. And then you can easily get all data from the cart:

(Sorry for quality of code but I had to wrote this as  quick as possible)

And that’s all :)


4b7302281c156Hello World in 2011!

Finally I decided to start blogging. I will be creating posts about making software and in the first order I will be writing about creating software by using PHP. But in the future a want to learn something more about JAVA for mobile and I think it will be a great subject to writing and I suppose it may be interested.